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What is a TnS Xtreme Water Sport?

A jet propelled license to fun. Strap on a board, similar to a wake board, and in no time you can be propelled straight out of the water. Anyone can pilot the board, that is over 12 years old, with 10 minutes of training.  Come learn the newest extreme water sports.


How Difficult is Fly Boarding

It is very easy. Most people after 5-10 minutes are being propelled out of the water on the fly board. The learning curve is small with instructruction from our awesome guides, you will be flying in no time.
















How does xtreme Fly boarding work?

The Fly board works on a water propulsion system. The Flyboard is connected by a hose to a PWC and is propelled by the water ejected from the PWC. Using his or her legs and feet, the pilot directs the board left or right, up or down while the PWC operator/instructor controls the amount of force and height.

What is a Jet Powered HoverBoard?

For surf lovers who want to experience a new way of surfing, come and try the amazing sensation of the Hoverboard. The enthusiasts for big thrills will also enjoy this new innovative product. Between flying and surfing, the Hoverboard by is the new innovative extreme discipline that will make you experience new sensations.

Is there an age limit?

All riders must be at least 12 years old!!

I’m not too athletic Is Flyboarding  difficult to do?

Anyone can pilot the Flyboard with about 10 minutes of instruction and training. Flyboarding is easy to operate and just takes a little bit of courage and adventurous spirit. Learning to operate the Flyboard® is much easier than you might think. Many people ask us how hard is it to fly? By following the instructions given, almost anyone will start piloting the Flyboard within their first 5 minutes in the water!


Flying Early & Late Season

All our customers are provided with a warm dry suit, for early and late season. When the water temperatures are a bit cooler. Please wear long johns or fleece layer under the dry suit. Do not wear cotton.
















What to Expect

What you should bring to your flight:


1) Swim attire – Everyone (male and female) is required to wear shorts.


2) Towel(s).


3) Dry Clothes to change into.


4) Liability Statement signed with a picture ID.

Is it safe to be in the water due to Aligators?

An attack on a water skier while skiing or participating in a water sport has never been reported.  You are far more likely to injure yourself in some other way than to be eaten by an alligator while water skiing. Swimming in a Florida lake is generally safe, but there definitely have been people attacked and killed by alligators in Florida.  Alligators are very fond of eating small animals like dogs and cats. Small children should not swim alone or be left unattended on the shore of a large Florida lake. Never swim in a Florida lake at night and never clean fish on the shoreline. Use common sense and you will enjoy the lake without putting you or your family members in danger.

Anyone Can do it!

1...2...3...Blast off

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