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***Call for our updated Prices***

Now you can achieve your ultimate dreams of flight in one "xtreme" experience! Come try our jet propelled fly boards, Hydro Jet Packs, Xtreme Kayaks Jet Powered Surfboards or Jet Powered Hoverboards.


Flyboarding is now at the cutting edge of extreme water sports and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Orlando Florida. Find your balance with this water powered devices and you will be flying through the air like Iron Man or swimming like a dolphin in no time. The intuitiveness of the Flyboard, along with the assistance of an instructor, has most people flying high in under 10 minutes. "Xtreme" sports is for everyone, so come and experience any of our thrilling activities for yourself today! Call or e-mail with age and size requirements.

Premium Jet Ski

*30min - $50

*1Hr - $80

Jet Powered Hoverboarding

30min - $100

1Hr - $175

Xtreme Jet Kayaking

30min - $75

1Hr - $125

Gift Cards

Buy online

Supercharged  Jet Ski

30min - $125 

1Hr - $200

Hydro Jet Pack

30min - $100

1Hr - $175

TnS Video Package
Xtreme Flyboarding

30min - $100

1Hr - $175

Jet Powered Surfboarding

30min - $75

1Hr - $125

Email - $25

SD Card - $50

TnS Ultimate Package

Flyboard (30min)

Jet Powered Surfboard (30min)

Jet powered Kayak (30min)$175

Call Us to Book

30min - $50

1Hr - $80


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